Welcome to Susan R. Harris & Associates, LLC

Susan R. Harris & Associates, LLC specializes in estate and trust administration, fiduciary advice, and estate planning. We offer legal and practical guidance and solutions for the gamut of personal and family events, occurring both during life and afterwards.

Our primary mission is to carry out our clients’ wishes for themselves, their families, the human and charitable objects of their affection, and those who ultimately succeed to the legacies lovingly and carefully crafted throughout their lives.

We stand by our clients during their best times—and during their worst times.  We strive to give our clients exemplary service, and to help them fulfil their goals and anticipate challenges that may lie ahead.

In a modern and increasingly complex world, there are legal implications in every need in or stage of life. Yet, we recognize that many of life’s challenges are not (and should not be) legal problems, nor are they best handled through legal means.

This is why we work with a wide network of professionals.  We are able to refer our clients as needed to experienced certified public accountants, financial planners, investment advisors, insurance agents, family counselors, psychologists, social workers, attorneys in other specialties, realtors, auction specialists, and many other skilled specialists.

Susan R. Harris & Associates, LLC is built on a strong foundation of over 35 years of experience.